Two Valleys Radio

broadcasting to both valleys at once

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  • Latest: vanessa - ages ago 24th June 2010, 3:18pm

    i love reading my poem it was col i was abous to cry thow im the girl with the gold hair soo hope i meeet u again from Vanessa

  • nawairah - ages ago 24th June 2010, 2:46pm

    Thank you Paddy , Linzy and Laura for letting me have a great time with you guys. Peter,thanx for putting me in the radio group. It was really nice being a partner with Eden. TWO VALLEYS RADIO IS THE BEST RADIO STATION EVER! remember we guys,it is me Nawairah with the black hair. The girl with Eden. Paddy is funny. Linzy is pretty and so is Laura. THANKYOU!

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