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  • Latest: Ali - ages ago 7th February 2012, 8:34pm

    erm adult volunteer Matt?? whats adult about me(stop making me feel an oldie)....listened to scared, im intrigued, im freaked and im very excited about seeing her show tomorrow night at the New Union (you said union bank..btw;))..and Angelina its called 'chumping' up here in Huddersfield(collecting wood for bonfire night)Chicky!! getting giddy kipperish now..see you Weds Matt!! x

  • ziska - ages ago 7th February 2012, 12:12pm

    Hello, i listened to your show with Angelina last night. I have had a reading from Angelina and she was soo accurate! Unfortunately, my Brother was diagnosed with cancer some years ago and it was Angelina who forwarned me something was coming and it's becuse of this I have been able to make peace with my brothers death, as I know he is still around and every so often i get messages through Angeina from him and it is never wrong! unfortunately, i can't make the show at the new union on wednesday but i urge others to go along. even if you're a sceptic it's a different kind of night out. Ziska

  • Rachel - ages ago 7th February 2012, 12:01pm

    Hi there, i've just downloaded and listened to your show from last night. I found Angelina fastinating and i think that this type of programme opens up the the opportunity for those who have questions about the afterlife/psychic abilities of others. I will confess that I have known Angelina for many years and therfore I may appear biased but, I have met other readers who are skilled however, I've never met anyone who can read like Angelina. her empathy and wisdom is like no other and if you are lucky enough to get time with Angelina I say go for it! You never know what you might learn. to read my own testimonial and those of others please visit angelina's website. Rachel

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