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  • Latest: sarah - ages ago 2nd March 2011, 10:52am

    I still don't see why they chose Marsden. it does feel like a kick in the teeth when other festivals in the Colne Valley are struggling. If they are committed to offer this as a one off special event (which I think is a waste of money anyway) do it somewhere where there isn't already stuff happening. She says at the end of the interview that council intervening rather than supporting what's already there is about bringing art to places where its not happening already and where there aren't lots of volunteers already doing it. So why not take it to Meltham or somewhere else as the interviewer suggested? £10k?? I bet once you factor in the administration time, publicity, stewarding etc it's much more than that. Florence - did you go to the event? I wonder how many people turned up? It would be great to work out a cost per person, based on how much an event costs to stage. I was at Moonraking on Saturday, and it was fabulous to see thousands and thousands of people there, especially as its organised by teams of volunteers and is a true community event. I bet the value for money is much better, never mind the way it really does bring a community together.

  • Florence - ages ago 28th February 2011, 4:38pm

    I'm glad to hear the person interviewing the Council woman challenging her a bit (at around 44 mins) ... She say funding for arts is moving from the Council to the Community, but the facts don't match the rhetoric here... Our locally-run events get peanuts, while a glossy Council-run event from a French company is organised at a fortnight's notice - and costs £10K. That money would probably have funded both Imbolc AND Moonraking! If local festivals get their funding cut next year, can we ask for a refund on the Herbert's Dream event?!

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